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Home » What's New » This month we acknowledge national Sports Eye Safety Month

This month we acknowledge national Sports Eye Safety Month

With the spring, along with often warmer weather, comes an increase in the danger of eye injuries related to sports. Each season, far too many children and adults suffer eye injuries as a result of sport play that could be avoided with suitable safety measures. Wearing proper eye protection while playing sports is essential particularly in high-impact sports or those that expose you to the sun such as field hockey, softball, football, squash, full-contact martial arts, volleyball, or fishing.

Decrease your risk of a sports related eye injury by investing in the appropriate protective eyewear right for the sport you are participating in. Protective eyewear will keep you injury-free and will also have lenses that shield you from UV light for outdoor play. This sort of eye wear is designed especially to prepare you for certain incidents. Regular glasses usually won't provide preventing impact, meaning that even just a small collision can become an actual sight-threatening injury.

Protecting your eyes during sports means more than choosing the correct eyewear. Eyesight is an important component of how well you perform, so you must have clear eyesight. If you ordinarily require glasses, you'll need protective sports glasses that have a prescription to make it easier to be safe. If you're fitted with contacts, you may need a different lens than those you wear on a daily basis. Call your optometrist about the choices available to you.

Different sports are subject to differing dangers and demands, so allow your optometrist to assess your unique situation and provide the right eyeglasses or lenses best for your eyesight needs. This will only help you give you the boost you need to excel and enjoy sports safety.

Different sports include different dangers and demands, so allow your eye care professional to determine your unique needs and suggest the right glasses or contact lenses that best fit your vision. This will only help you gain the winning edge you need to succeed and have fun and be safe when you play sports.

In order to be healthy, it is important to be active, play sports and exercise. But never forget to consider your eye safety. Making sure you take these extra precautions will only allow you to enjoy more years of playing sports and healthy vision.