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Do You Know How to Care for Your Contact Lenses Properly?


Contact lens wearers must be careful to treat their contacts properly. Improper care can lead to ripped or torn lenses, or or even serious eye infections or abrasions, which rarely but sometimes can lead to blindness. People of all ages that are not ready to take care of their contacts may want to opt for an alternative option for corrective eye wear.

Not to worry, though... taking care of your lenses is simpler than it may seem. With ''multipurpose'' treatments and one-use contacts, caring for your lenses is cheaper, takes less time and requires less effort than in the past. However, there are some essential instructions to be aware of.

Firstly it is advised to consult with your optometrist to get personalized advice. In addition, it's important that you don't change care regimens without asking your optometrist first. Certain solutions are not compatible with each other or with specific lenses and can damage your eyes. Our experienced staff can help you determine the proper care for your contact lenses.

All contact lens experts recommend cleaning and disinfecting your contacts daily. It's important to do this as soon as you remove your lenses. Not only will your eyes be healthier, your contacts will feel better. Never press solution bottle tips to any surface including your body as it can contaminate the solution. Do your best to prevent getting sink water on your lenses, including washing your lens container, as it sometimes transports a bacteria that can cause severe eye infections. And of course, don't forget to dispose of your lenses when their time is up to limit the risk of infection.

Yes, there may be an assortment of lens care options, but armed with a little professional guidance you can care for your lenses with ease, guaranteeing healthier eyes and clearer vision!

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